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Brandon Leake is a spoken word poet out of Stockton, CA. In particular south side Stockton, he grew up in what many would refer to as your average “ghetto”. Growing up in a single parent household to his mother Carla came with its beauties but also its hardships. Dealing with issues of acceptance, abandonment, depression, and other issues brought Brandon to a cross roads in life in which his faith in Jesus was the determining factor that aided him in overcoming those obstacles. And one of the vessels in which Brandon has been able to use has been spoken word poetry. Brandon adopted this art former while in high school to express his feelings for girls he found attractive, and developed in college as Brandon was transitioning out of Basketball. It was there that Brandon started Called To Move – CTM alongside an array of talented artists whom just simply wanted to share what gift God had given them. And since starting Called To Move – CTM in 2012 Brandon Leake has grown and expanded his artistry greatly. From performing in the National Poetry Slam in 2015, to performing at the TRU Hope Youth Summit at Stockton Arena, to opening up for Grammy Award Winning Artist Lecrae, to releasing his debut spoken word album “In My Thoughts” and touring nationally for that album.

His name is Brandon Leake, and he is Called To Move.

Spoken Word



Brandon Leake has an extensive history of performing spoken word in a plethora of venues/settings.

Spoken Word



Brandon Leake has lead spoken word poetry workshops with audiences ranging from 4th grade students to college professors.




Brandon Leake has been a keynote presenter on an array of stages from the BLOCK Conference, UBSUC Conference, Shasta College BHM Event, to many more.



Brandon has penned down hundreds of poems, and is preparing to release his first ever poetry book as well as short narrative.



Brandon firmly believes that community os one of the staples of humanity and also firmly believes that the younger generation is our future. So Brandon invests time into youth through mentorship in the Stockton community.




During the midst of his poetry career Brandon has performed across the nation in over 10 different states. His most notable performances have come through his 11 month “In My Thoughts Tour” and opening for Grammy award winning artist Lecrae.

“These words I speak are lyrical liberation, they paint the sky all the colors of my soul. So please come paint with me.”



Spoken Word Poet


Artistic Educator

Brandon Leake is a self taught poet whom began writing poetry in high school for girls he found attractive, and began to further develop this gift throughout his college years. Brandon now has taught poetry workshops across the nation helping both students and educators the importance of transparent expression.

“Education should teach us how to think not what to think, just like creativity teaches how to make art not what art to make.”

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