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We build it.


We give it.


We share it.


Called To Move – CTM roots begin in the small city of Redding, CA in an even smaller university called, Simpson University. Called To Move – CTM began in the mind of founder Brandon Leake during a community service course entitled “Ministry Practicum” while watching a video of a young Hawaiian teen impacting his community on a grand scale through prayer and academia. While there Brandon questioned why he hadn’t done more to impact his community and how he felt he could go about that process, and while surrendering that thought to God in prayer the idea of an artistry collective used to create freedom of expression was what came to mind. And while talking about it with a close friend Brandon came up with the name “Called To Move – CTM” because we as humans are CALLED into our purpose here on Earth which is to love God, love people, and live like each day has a purpose.

“You were created on purpose with purpose, so live like it.”

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Our only hope it that the words we share can be seeds that take root in your soul to sprout into something beautiful.

Brandon Leake

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